Koala & Frog Room

Ages 6 weeks to 6 months

Our Room

Ratios & Capacity

  • Room ratios for ages 6 week to 12 months are 5 children to 1 teacher. 

  • Both the Koala and Frog room have a capacity for up to 10 children total.




Daily Care

Bottle Feedings 

  • We go by your schedule, but we must offer nourishment every 4 hours. 

  • If they are napping, we wait until they wake up on their own, or if you prefer them to be woken up to eat.  We will wake them up at the 4 hour mark. 

Baby Food

  • Once they begin baby food and you would like for us to feed them, all you need to do is inform us of any fruits/veggies/cereal they have tried and you want them to eat.  We will add it to their routine at your discretion. 

  • If they have had any allergic reactions to any foods, please tell us so we can add it to their charts as an allergy.


  • Nap times vary for each child.  We do not have a set schedule for napping, we go by your child's sleep schedule and napping needs. 

  • We do crib sleeping, it is a state regulation that they must sleep in their cribs. 

  • We try to be consistent with naps and crib sleeping and encourage consistency at home as well.


  • ​We work on both gross and fine motor skills, sensory play, art, and social/emotional skills.

  • We encourage lots of floor time as this helps development both physically and mentally.

  • Depending on their age, we start out in bouncers and on the floor.  As we progress, we utilize the bumbos, jumper and exersaucer.

  • We work on gross motor skills such as tummy time, sitting up unassisted, rolling, and crawling as well as fine motor skills like reaching and grasping objects.