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Rooms & Programs

daycare preschool


We nurture and love your infant as if caring for our own, using their cues, along with information from you, to help establish a comforting routine during this very important first year of life.

Room ratios for ages 6 week to 12 months
are 5 children to 1 teacher.

Koala, Frog, Giraffe & Zebra rooms have a capacity for up to 10 children total.

Sweet Toddler

Our program, featuring sensory experiences and cooperative play, is designed to enhance your toddler's cognitive, language, and social skills in a loving, stable environment.

Room ratios for ages 12 months to 24 months
are 6 children to 1 teacher.

Panda, Toucan, Elephant & Monkey rooms have a capacity for up to 12 children total.

Blonde Baby Boy
Two Year Olds

Games, stories, creative movement, art and pretend play all help your child learn to share and cooperate and encourage curiosity and budding independence in a fun and loving environment.

Room ratios for ages 2 - 3 years
are 10 children to 1 teacher.

Fire Station & City Garage rooms have a capacity for up to 20 children total.


The preschool years are an exciting time for both you and your child.

Room ratios for ages 3 - 4 years
are 12 children to 1 teacher.

Café & Movie Theater rooms have a capacity for
up to 24 children total.

The Aquarium room has a capacity for
up to 12 children total.

Curious Child

Grace Early Learning Center provides the academic and social experiences that help your child grow in mind, body and spirit. Through learning centers, circle time, physical education, music, and enrichment activities, our highly trained teachers help your child to become competent and confident, and ultimately prepared to enter Kindergarten.

Room ratios for ages 4 - 5 years
are 14 children to 1 teacher.

The Post Office, Library & Art Museum rooms have a capacity for up to 28 children total.

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